What Is Mobile Banking And Liquidity

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a term used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone or personal digital Continue reading

How To Handle Liquidity Management on Banks


How To Handle Liquidity Management on Banks

Simply liquidity management is a trade-off between the demand for liquidity and supply of liquidity. To explain this process, we can see a FI’s need for liquidity that means the immediately spendable funds in a demand-supply framework. Continue reading

The Commercial Bank And Their Functions

The Commercial Bank and their Functions:
The commercial bank (or business bank) is a type of bank that provides services, such as accepting deposits, giving business loans and basic investment products.Continue reading

Traditional Home wear Marketing


Traditional Home wear Marketing is very important for our marketplace in Bangladesh. It depends on some component. First of all we able to know what is traditional home wear.Continue reading

How to manage office with low resource

How to manage office with low resource
Sometimes it is not possible to get lot of resources to maintaining your office. Every time it might be lack of resource. But this is not meant that your work has been stopped by low resource. You have to work with your low resource and create scopes of new resource to utilize your current resource. Here we will discuss eleven methods on how to do it.so let’s see it-Continue reading

What is Alexa Ranking Widget

What is Alexa Ranking Widget
Alexa is a ranking website that helps your website to boost up a lot of traffic. It gives your site global rank and shows daily visit and back links to your website .Continue reading

How to Start a Business with Low Capital

How to Start a Business with Low Capital
Starting business is very difficult with low capital. Most of them are think it is starting a business need Big Money or high capital. So if we have no money , how can we start a business. This is a frustrating situation of elementary level to start a business.Continue reading

Origin of Finance

Finance is that managerial activity which is concerned with the planning to controlling of the firm’s financial Resources.Finance can be defined as the management of money which is medium of exchange.All individuals and institutions earn and spend money. Finance is the  process, institutions, Markets, instruments involved in gathering and disbursing   money among individuals, business and governments.Continue reading

Outline Of Conflict

Conflict is a normal part of  life, learning how to resolve conflict effectively can be a daunting task,particularly in the workplace.Addressing conflict should be viewed as an important element in achieving organizational effectiveness and enhancing productivity.Continue reading

Selection Process In a Job

The consequences of selecting the wrong person for a particular role can be far reaching for the organization and the individual appointed.

-Poor performance which impacts on business success.

-Additional training to develop a candidate who lacks appropriate skills

-Personal stress for the individual and their colleagues and managerContinue reading