What Is Mobile Banking And Liquidity

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a term used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone or personal digital Continue reading

How To Handle Liquidity Management on Banks


How To Handle Liquidity Management on Banks

Simply liquidity management is a trade-off between the demand for liquidity and supply of liquidity. To explain this process, we can see a FI’s need for liquidity that means the immediately spendable funds in a demand-supply framework. Continue reading

The Commercial Bank And Their Functions

The Commercial Bank and their Functions:
The commercial bank (or business bank) is a type of bank that provides services, such as accepting deposits, giving business loans and basic investment products.Continue reading

One Stop Banking

One Stop Banking is a dynamic system of modern banking. In traditional banking there is a Token and Scroll system.When a Party comes to withdraw money by Cheque-At First he has to register it to the responsible bank officer.Then the officer will give him a card or token that contains a serial number.Then the party go to the cash counter and give the serial number for withdraw his money.Continue reading

Modern Banking System

Modern Banking system is now mostly expanded the advancement of Modern Information Technology.Modern Information technology enhances the dimension of modern banking principles and mobilizes the previous financial system.The term offline banking simply regards that the manually or semi-manually banking operation for conducting banking business where the connection of modern information technology or internet based transaction world not be possible strong remote place or one banking existence to the another banking existence.


Continue reading

Green Banking

Green banking this time is very important for banking sector to emphasize the environmental issues.Green Banking calls for banking business in such areas and in such a manner that helps the overall reduction of external carbon emission and internal carbon footprint.Continue reading

Company Accounts

Private limited company:-These Types of Companies are body Corporate formed and registered under the companies ACT-1994 with Limited number of members and liability having Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.It needs the Certificate of Incorporation given by the register.Joint stock companies to start business as a private limited company.Lowest limit of members should be two & highest limit of members should be fifty.It can not offer its shares to the market & shares are not transferable.Continue reading