Contract Law-Some definition

In the Law of contract certain terms are used indicating their meaning.The term also show that contracts can be classified into four broad divisions,namely 1) The method of Formation of a contract 2)The Time of its performance Continue reading

Definition of Law

Law as it is,is the command of the sovereign.It means 1) Law has its source in sovereign authority 2)Law is the accompanied by sanctions and 3) the command to be a law should compel a course of conduct.Being a command the law must flow from a determine person or group of persons with the treat of displeasure if it is not obeyed.Sovereignty is however only a part of the state.Continue reading

Three rules of law

In earlier times certain classes and individuals possessed special privileges and were judged by special law.The modern view is to apply the same law over all persons in the state and to give all persons equal rights and privileges for the protection of their human liberties.Democracy can remain only in a society of equals.Continue reading

Law and change

The Legal System of a Country Reflects the rules of society.If there is a change of social rules usually there occurs a change of law. For example,in the middle ages in Europe the landlord and the feudal system prevailed.At that time the rights of the peasant was very restricted.Continue reading

Commercial Law

 The laws of a country relate to many subjects,E.g.,inheritance and transfer of property,relationship between persons,Crimes and their punishment,as well as matters relating to industry,trade and commerce.The term commercial Law or Mercantile Law is Used to include only the last of the aforesaid subject,Viz,rules relating to industry,trade and commerce. A suit between merchants,bankers and traders,relating to mercantile transactions is a Commercial suit. It follows that all laws which must be refereed to in order to decide such suits come within the scope of commercial law.

Continue reading

Law And Social Science

Many Jurists and social scientist in the 19th century interpret the nature of law with social perspectives.Ancient Law by Henry Maine, Is the Pioneering work in this respect.According to him,with social advance,law must be framed and changed on the basis social needs.Continue reading

Essential Elements Of A Contract

A Contract Is Never Valid When It Have Not Contains all the Elements Of a Valid Contract.Here will we explain The essential elements Of A Contract.An agreement becomes enforceable by law when it fulfill certain conditions.These conditions which may be called the essential elements of a contract are explained below.Continue reading

Law And Society

There Is an Intact relationship Between Law And Society.Law Helps To Make Society Peaceful And Harmonic.The Term society Is Used to mean a Community or a group of persons,living in any region,who are united together by some common bond.Continue reading

Business Law-A short Overview

Business Law Is Very Important to starting a new business.It must be noted that there is no fixed line of division between commercial law and other branches of law, nor is there any conflict or contradiction between them.The Law of Contracts,which is a Very Important Part of Commercial Law, is applicable not only to merchants and bankers but also to other persons. when a merchant files a suit in a court of law the procedure is not materially different from that of other suits.Continue reading