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Green Banking

Green banking this time is very important for banking sector to emphasize the environmental issues.Green Banking calls for banking business in such areas and in such a manner that helps the overall reduction of external carbon emission and internal carbon footprint. To aid the reduction of external carbon emission, bank should finance green technology and pollution reducing projects. Internally the banking operations have considerably increased the carbon footprint of banks due to their massive use of energy e.g. lighting, air conditioning, electronic / electrical equipments, IT, high paper wastage, lack of green buildings etc. Therefore, to adopt green banking, bank should adopt technology, process, and products which result in substantial reduction of their carbon footprint as well as develop sustainable business.

Climate change and global warming issues are closely connected each other. Global warming also called as “Green House Effect” is a global issue that calls for a global response. The warming is the effect of certain man-made gas emissions such as carbon-di-oxide, methane, nitrous oxide and hydro-fluro carbon is found responsible for distortion of balance in the environment and climate changes.  Green Banking is a component of the global initiative by a group of stakeholders to save environment. Bangladesh is one of the most climate change vulnerable countries. In line with global development and response to the environmental degradation, financial sector in Bangladesh should play an important role as one of the key stakeholders.