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How to manage office with low resource

How to manage office with low resource
Sometimes it is not possible to get lot of resources to maintaining your office. Every time it might be lack of resource. But this is not meant that your work has been stopped by low resource. You have to work with your low resource and create scopes of new resource to utilize your current resource. Here we will discuss eleven methods on how to do it.so let’s see it-
1)Avoid Complexity-Avoid all types complexity is important. Make everything easy. It will make easy communication with others, saving time and everybody will pleasant to do the work.

2)Simple direction-Direction would be simple. There is no complex or not understandable direction. Clarify your direction who will done, what will done and when it would be finished.
3)Positive motivation-Avoid all negative motivation. Positive motivation derives people to do the work automatically. Positive motivation creates a high thinking sense to the worker or office staffs. He felt a lot work has been done by him and still lot of work to do. He will do it not for financial support- A positive emotion creates him a greater sense.

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4)Use mind set up policy-The team leader will set up a policy for every worker. He can use MBO (Management by Objectives) policy.
5)Create spirit-Make a real environment for work. Everybody is fascinated and automatically create a greater spirit for work.
6)Create unity-Avoid all kind of class of interest in official environment. There is no alternative of unity and unity is strength.
7)Use emotional facts technically-Read similar types of case study and appropriate use of emotional facts technically. Such an example- you can tell your staff/worker to take tea everybody in office at 9 A.M regularly.
8)Soft controlling –Soft controlling is important because you are working in a limited resource firm.so you have to apply technique softly to control the administrative arena. Don’t very rough to your colleagues.
9)Power decentralization-Power decentralization is important.it is a system or delegating power to others.
10)Participatory management-Participatory management is the key point to take decision quickly. It is the system of mainstreaming of all staff/workers to take decision with management level.

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11)Quick decision making-Quick decision making is very necessary for office with low resource. It saves time and money which is very important to control fund flow.
So go ahead just slow and steady and softly control your office environment.

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