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Law And Society

There Is an Intact relationship Between Law And Society.Law Helps To Make Society Peaceful And Harmonic.The Term society Is Used to mean a Community or a group of persons,living in any region,who are united together by some common bond.

A Common Bond Is formed when some uniformity of factors like nearness,nature Of people,habit,custom.inhibition,beliefs,culture,tradition etc appears.The common bond lead to forming social rules or rules of social behavior.

Peace and Harmony

Peace and Harmony

The rules are made by members of the society.Disobedience of the rules is followed by punishment in the form of social disapproval.There is no positive penalty associated with the violation of social, rules except excommunication or ostracism. The objective of law is to bring order in the society with a view of enable its members to progress and develop with some sort of security regarding the future.From the above discussion it follows that although custom usages and traditions indicate a particular social conduct,law or definitive rules are made to ensure the peace and progress of a society.