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List of Skills of A Manager

Skills of A Manager

Skills of a manager is very important to direct a business or financial organization.Have to be Good manager you must acquire some skills.



Managers in Different occupations obviously need different Skills.Those who specialize in functional areas tend to focus their energy on the technical aspects of their jobs,but they also lead others.In contrast,those in general management positions have to mange a variety of people in many different situations,and this calls for integrative leadership skills.Here are some skills describes below

1)Conceptual Skills

2)Human Skills

3)Technical Skills

Conceptual skills
Mangers spend much of their time communicating with others,making decisions,and solving problems.people with the ability to look at organizational problems from a broad conceptual base usually make decisions more consistent with organizational objectives.Top mangers must go one step further to envision the long term needs of the firm and make decisions that serve the entire organization.


Human Skills
All managers must acquire human skills,for all managers must lead,motivate and influence other to achieve organizational objectives.Today a disproportionate number of middle mangers find themselves in coordinating roles where human skills are emphasized.

Technical Skills
First Line managers as well as many middle managers are intensively involved in technical operations.They are expected to apply their education,job experience and expertise to make things happen.Although lower level managers cannot ignore conceptual and human skills.


All three types of skills very tremendously among individual mangers and organizational positions.There are no hard and fast rules for establishing which skill is most important at any given time,yet clearly managers cannot advance up the hierarchy without conceptual abilities and strong human relation skills.

These are some Skills of a manager to need and maintaining to direct and organize the business firm or organization.