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Modern Banking System

Modern Banking system is now mostly expanded the advancement of Modern Information Technology.Modern Information technology enhances the dimension of modern banking principles and mobilizes the previous financial system.The term offline banking simply regards that the manually or semi-manually banking operation for conducting banking business where the connection of modern information technology or internet based transaction world not be possible strong remote place or one banking existence to the another banking existence.


The expansion of internet and the banking software technology in recent years expand the online banking which madeĀ  possible of the banking through internet and anywhere of the world.Offline banking is totally reverse of online banking.In an offline banking system customer will withdraw or deposit money in a certain branch where the account has been opened at first.He cannot connect the same bank of other branches any more.Offline banking system all the assignment done by manually.


Online Banking is mostly important today for business and communication.It saves time and making banking system easy and enjoyable.Online banking means a system that connects all the branch of a particular bank near and far away.suppose you have a bank account in a particular city.When you go to another city you can withdrawal money from that particular bank on that city or town.You can get the ATM(Automated teller machine)booth service,Debit and credit card services from On-line service.