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One Stop Banking

One Stop Banking is a dynamic system of modern banking. In traditional banking there is a Token and Scroll system.When a Party comes to withdraw money by Cheque-At First he has to register it to the responsible bank officer.Then the officer will give him a card or token that contains a serial number.Then the party go to the cash counter and give the serial number for withdraw his money.

One the other hand Scroll is the same way to deposit the money of the party’s Account.Before credited his money – the particular account number and amount of money is registered in a record book that contains a serial number-must written on the top of the cash deposit slip or pay in voucher.Here describes the traditional process of banking of withdrawn or deposit the cash money.It is a very time pending system of  traditional banking.

But One stop Banking is totally reverse of traditional banking system.One stop Banking means NO TOKEN NO SCROLL.Just simply Place your cheque or pay in slip for withdraw or deposit money.It will be done by in one minute.The information Technology system has done the historic change of traditional Banking system.It is totally amazing to save time and reducing hazards.Completely we can say that one stop service isa part of online Banking.