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Overview of communication

Overview of Communication is so important in business. Businesses  want and need people with good communication skills.Evidence of importance of communication in business in found in numerous surveys of executives, recruiters and academicians.Without exception ,these surveys have found that communication (written communication)ranks at or near the top of  the business skills needed for success.

Typical of these surveys is one by Robert half international of  the 1000 largest employers in the united states.According to 96 percent of the executives surveyed, today employees must have good communication skills to advance professionally. A study of skills and competencies needed by accountants strongly supports the value of writing,speaking and listening.

Business need for employees with good communication skills is all too often not fulfilled. Most employees even the college trained do not communicate well. In fact surveys show that in the opinion of their employees,even managers and executives who think they communicate well actually fall short.Effective communicators are, therefore,in high demand.Not surprisingly ,there is a high correlation between communication skills and income.

The communication shortcoming of employees and the importance of communication in business explain why you should work to improve your communication skills.Whatever position you have in business,your performance will be judged largely by your ability to communicate. If you perform and communicate well you are likely to be rewarded with advancement.And the higher you advance,the more you will need your communication ability.The evidence is clear: Improving your communication skills improves your chances for success in business.

It is very important to know that lack of proper communication can create useless motivation for the business. No target would be achieved when you can see the gap of communication.Still here need proper co-ordination for success.Communication and co-ordination is part by part process.

These are some short discussion of overview of communication.