Double Entry System

Double Entry system is the part and parcel of Accounting theory.The double-entry system is based on the principle of duality,which means that all events of economic importance have two aspects-sacrifice and benefit, sources and uses-that offset or balance each other.In the double-entry system each transaction must be record with at least one debit and one credit, in such a way that the total amount of debit and total amount of credit equals each other.Because of the way it is designed,the system as a whole always in balance.All sophisticated are based on this principle of duality.

Double Entry

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Fundamental of Computer

Fundamental of computer

Fundamental of computer is very essential to know fulfill about  it. Computer is the most Valuable invention of human civilization.

A complete computer system consists of taking the following four parts

1) Hardware


3)Human ware and

4) Operational Procedures



The computer is an automatic machine made up of electronic and elector-mechanical devices which stores.retrieves and processes data.

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Overview of communication

Overview of Communication is so important in business. Businesses  want and need people with good communication skills.Evidence of importance of communication in business in found in numerous surveys of executives, recruiters and academicians.Without exception ,these surveys have found that communication (written communication)ranks at or near the top of  the business skills needed for success.Continue reading

List of Skills of A Manager

Skills of A Manager

Skills of a manager is very important to direct a business or financial organization.Have to be Good manager you must acquire some skills.



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One Stop Banking

One Stop Banking is a dynamic system of modern banking. In traditional banking there is a Token and Scroll system.When a Party comes to withdraw money by Cheque-At First he has to register it to the responsible bank officer.Then the officer will give him a card or token that contains a serial number.Then the party go to the cash counter and give the serial number for withdraw his money.Continue reading

Modern Banking System

Modern Banking system is now mostly expanded the advancement of Modern Information Technology.Modern Information technology enhances the dimension of modern banking principles and mobilizes the previous financial system.The term offline banking simply regards that the manually or semi-manually banking operation for conducting banking business where the connection of modern information technology or internet based transaction world not be possible strong remote place or one banking existence to the another banking existence.


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Contract Law-Some definition

In the Law of contract certain terms are used indicating their meaning.The term also show that contracts can be classified into four broad divisions,namely 1) The method of Formation of a contract 2)The Time of its performance Continue reading

Definition of Law

Law as it is,is the command of the sovereign.It means 1) Law has its source in sovereign authority 2)Law is the accompanied by sanctions and 3) the command to be a law should compel a course of conduct.Being a command the law must flow from a determine person or group of persons with the treat of displeasure if it is not obeyed.Sovereignty is however only a part of the state.Continue reading

Three rules of law

In earlier times certain classes and individuals possessed special privileges and were judged by special law.The modern view is to apply the same law over all persons in the state and to give all persons equal rights and privileges for the protection of their human liberties.Democracy can remain only in a society of equals.Continue reading

Law and change

The Legal System of a Country Reflects the rules of society.If there is a change of social rules usually there occurs a change of law. For example,in the middle ages in Europe the landlord and the feudal system prevailed.At that time the rights of the peasant was very restricted.Continue reading