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Selection Process In a Job

The consequences of selecting the wrong person for a particular role can be far reaching for the organization and the individual appointed.

-Poor performance which impacts on business success.

-Additional training to develop a candidate who lacks appropriate skills

-Personal stress for the individual and their colleagues and manager

-Individual becomes demotivated and could demotivated others

-Conducting a new recruitment campaign if the unsuited individual leaves or asked to leave


To make effective selection decisions three key questions need to be considered for each candidate.

*Can they do the job?-Do they have the relevant skills and abilities?

*How will they do the job?-what is their personality and style?

*Do they want the job?-Do they have the right motivations?


 Objective of the selection process

The common objectives of a selection process are to:

-Find the best candidate to perform a particular job

-Avoid selecting someone that is not capable of performing the job

-Enable a choice to be made between candidate for a job

As a line manger he will spend a lot of time trying to resolve the situation if he makes the wrong decision and it is therefore important to use an effective process to help you determine the best candidate for the job.

To answer these three questions the selection process needs to

*Structure the selection process around job relevant selection criteria

*Use objective selection methods that measure the selection criteria identified

*Use a standardized process so that all candidates are given the same opportunity to demonstrate their suitability

*Use trained interviewers to ask the right questions and make effective decisions.

A structured selection process uses a list of behaviors, personality attributes, and motivations that underpin successful performance in the target job or role.These are included in the role profile.By designing a selection process that measure these behaviors directly,you can gather evidence of a candidate’s suitability based on whether they demonstrate the behaviors required.