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Traditional Home wear Marketing


Traditional Home wear Marketing is very important for our marketplace in Bangladesh. It depends on some component. First of all we able to know what is traditional home wear.

Traditional Home wear-It is one kind of household use dresses or a set of cloths that traditionally used people at home.

Traditional Home wear Marketing-The way and process or some techniques How to popularize the product to the customer.

To increase your marketing we have to emphasize Three things, That’s are

A)Target Market

B)Target Group


Target Market-First you have to point out the needs, want and demand for your product. What kind of market grab the attention of your product. where is the target market and who are the target group of your company product.

1.Rural Areas-Rural area is real place of traditional home wear marketing. To introduce the product with local people of rural areas and give them open floor to give opinion of the product. It will make stronger the position of the product in grass root level. That   is really important for mass marketing.

Traditional Home wear

Traditional Home wear

2.Specific Urban areas-You can give priority on specific urban areas. The people of there thoughts, feeling, culture, customs and manner much depends on what kind of product they would like.

3.Sessional Market Place-some product that have very high demand on summer season, some of them are have very scarcity in winter season. That question is important. To grab attention on the customer in different season and make your sell high.

Traditional Home wear

Traditional Home wear

4.Super Market-To take place of your product in super market area is important. The main important thing is to keep pace with market competition with other company products.

5.Mega Shopping mall-If you can take place of your product in Mega shopping mall-that is good for mass marketing. Because Mega shopping mall is important place to exchange   views of different kind of customers.

Target group

Farmers-Agriculture is the main profession in Bangladesh. So most of the people are in here farmers .if you can mainstream your product on that grassroots level or you think and given priority on farmers community for making your marketing policy that will be mileage for you.

Traditional Home wear

Traditional Home wear

Businessman-Categorize your product and given special offer of different profession people such as businessman.

Student & others-They prefer comparatively better products, That is lasted long and cheap rate.

Traditional Home wear

Traditional Home wear

Target Age-Age is the great factor to determine target group. Variance of age much depends on choice of product.

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